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Searching for a reliable, professional hot water specialist who can take care of your gas hot water system services in Brisbane? Crystal Blue Plumbing can help. Our team of experienced plumbers offer comprehensive gas hot water installation, repairs, and maintenance services throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We work with all the leading gas water heater brands across their range of storage and instant gas hot water systems.

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Advantages of gas hot water

Heating the hot water for your home or business using either the mains supply of natural gas or LPG bottles has many advantages:

Instant gas hot water systems

Instant gas hot water systems offer compact water heating solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

These small adaptable water heaters can be preset to a specific delivery temperature - eg 45℃, 50℃ or 60℃ which allows the unit to cater for certain areas of your home and removes the need for a tempering valve. It is recommended that the delivery temp for hot water used in bathing areas (bathroom) is set at 50℃, however, kitchens often require hotter temperatures for cooking and cleaning which would necessitate a higher setting of 60℃.

Another benefit of instant gas hot water is as the unit is installed near the outlet there is a shorter lag time for the hot water to come through to the tap, saving power and reducing water wastage.

Gas storage hot water

Gas storage hot water systems are an ideal gas powered option for purchase affordability and an easy upgrade from your old gas storage unit. Modern storage gas systems are available in 4 or 5 Star energy rating for increased energy efficiency paired with a fast hot water replacement.

Storage hot water systems are either natural gas or LPG powered with mains pressure delivery to multiple taps throughout the home at once.

We work with all the leading gas hot water brands

To ensure the Crystal Blue Plumbing team can offer a top quality, gas water heating solution for every customer we work with a huge range of leading gas hot water system brands including:

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The experienced plumbers and gas fitters at Crystal Blue Plumbing Company are committed to providing each and every customer with a top quality solution on every job.

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For the very best in gas hot water installation, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance contact the experienced team at Crystal Blue Plumbing at 0439 877 472 or complete our quick online hot water service request form today.

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